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Question Rephrasing

AI powered question recommendations

CogBias AI is your cognitive bias copilot. Identify how your audience will be biased and find better ways to ask the same question. Avoid leading customers to the answers you want, so that you can get the truths you need.

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Identify cognitive bias

Find out which phrase is inducing each bias to dial in your question to maximize impact

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AI recommendations

Take in to account all biases simultaneously with one click rephrasing

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Whole interview review

Look beyond just the question to how the question set is ordered influences the answers.


All-in-one platform for advanced user analytics

How many biases are detected in a question and set of questions? Which biases are brought to questions the most by the team? Are users bringing fewer biases to their questions over time? The QuDisc platform provides individual user analytics to see trends in cognitive bias.

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Realtime analytics

Bias analytics for each question and set of questions. Know which biases bring the most impact and how many biases are in your question set.

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User analytics

Track which biases users naturally bring to their questions and discovery approach. Focus your training on the biases that matter.

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Quality score

Get a clearer understanding of how your questions impact to the quality of the insights you gather and the effectiveness of your research.


Automated weekly and monthly reports

Track your improvement as the QuDisc copilot helps you make cognitive biases work for you. Keep an eye on the most common biases that are brought by each individual for targeted training.

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Automated reports

Monitor your bias reduction efforts at the project, question, and individual level automatically.

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AI data predictions

Get ahead of cognitive bias trends to improve performance across the board.

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Advanced charts

Clearly show stakeholders the impact of bias and bias reduction efforts.


More features to power-up your user tracking

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Cognitive Bias Identification

Our words matter. How our words are interpreted matter even more when we are collecting data.

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AI Question Rephrasing

Don't stress out over editing questions to improve the quality of your data gathering. Let our AI suggestions be your guide.

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Automated reports

Track the improvement and impact of bias rephrases across users, questions, and projects.

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Realtime Analytics

Biases will slip in to natural language. Monitor which biases show up and how much impact they have on the data you will gather.

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3. Get better insights

Let our AI guide you to ask better questions and improve the quality of your insights.

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About QuDisc

We aim to tame biases. A CogBias AI solution.

A great story always starts with a great team

The beginning of QuDisc can be traced back to 2017 when the founders were first exposed to a rigorous program designed to save startups from committing a common sin. Building based on what they believed to be true, rather than what is true. Unlearning the very human, cognitive biases and behavioral psychology that get in the way of finding the truth was painful life altering experience. One needed to unlearn our natural tendencies, but not a scalable solution that was suitable for everyone.

Recognizing the value of the approach, and the need for a solution that fits seamlessly in user's workflows that was easy to use, the idea for QuDisc was born. Building on the foundation of decades of experience in customer discovery, market research, and data driven AI development, the founders set out to distill expert knowledge, deep training, and careful reflection in to an easy to use platform to help everyone improve the insights they gather from customer discovery and market research.

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Our mission is to help you grow your business

Cognitive biases are linked to 75% of the top 20 reasons startups and new products fail. Our aim is to prevent another failure caused by cognitive biases. Build better products, companies, and ecosystems by asking better questions and getting better answers.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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We pursue innovation that drives real value. Value for our customers, the ecosystem, and society.

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We make every decision, action, and belief through honest effort, good intentions, and that what is worth doing, is worth doing right.

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Data Driven

We value data over opinions, recognize that data without context has no foundation, and that all new data starts with curiosity and uncertainty.

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Team Work

Your success is our success. Within our teams, for our customers, for the ecosystem, and for society.

Our Team

Want to join us? Reach out to Apply@CogBias.AI